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"As a teacher she has pretty tough rules for them and she loves the idea of teaching them about food in this way. " - Mr Harris, Cornwall
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Testimonials. What the experts say;

"Captain Satsuma is the ideal character to introduce children to a variety of different fruits and vegetables. Each new character is introduced in such a way that children are learning the benefits of a healthy diet very subtly. The book is colourful and the storyline enjoyable. It’s a perfect bedtime storybook with the benefit of an opportunity to educate!” - Jenny Tschiesche BSc [Hons] Dip[ION] FdSc BANT. Best Selling Author and Nutrition Workshop Facilitator. Founder of

“Captain Satsuma and his band of friends encourage children to accept fresh fruit and vegetables in their everyday life. Adding fun as part of a healthy, balanced diet -a win for every parent.”  - Anne Harnan, qualified home economist, specialising in all aspects of recipe writing.

"Love this book can’t recommend it enough! An action-packed adventure that makes children’s food education fun! " - Nanny Ash. With over 10 years’ experience within the childcare sector, Nanny Ash has a love of good food with expert knowledge of children’s development needs.

"The story book is sensational with brilliant characters very inspiring for children." - Mr D Morris.

“My boy loves this book. He has always been a fussy-eater, but this has given us a way of talking about food in a positive way, without it being a battle." - Mrs Clare.

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A Healthy Message

Having a good balanced diet can help you be both happy and healthy. Eating your recommended five a day is an important part of this.

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For more information on the benefits of healthy eating, the Eatwell Guide is available via NHS link and Public Health England and has a great colourful chart that can be downloaded.

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Engaging and fun

Kids Love Fun

Here at Captain Satsuma we love having fun, so we’ve got plenty of characters to make you laugh or smile.

In our first story Captain Satsuma Has Landed, we’re heading to Gnome Island.  Will my team and I get there in time to stop the ruthless Count Rubbish’s plans before it’s too late?  There’s only one way to find out. Grab your copy of the book, out soon.

[NB None of the characters or creatures were hurt or harmed during the antics in this story].

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Beautifully Illustrated

Russell Becker brings each character to life in a charming and humorous way.


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From Greengrocers son to author. My love for Fruit and Vegetables.

Seeing children growing up to be healthy and happy is every parents wish. The food our young ones eat plays a critical part in their development. Through my stories, website and social media posts I set out to encourage children and their parent/guardians to have a good balanced diet.

My dad was a greengrocer, so I have always been aware of the huge benefits eating fruit and vegetables can have for all of us. I’ve also always appreciated how our crops grow in the first place, and the essential creatures like bee’s and butterflies play within that.

Captain Satsuma has Landed is my debut book as an author. Most of my career has been spent in a sales environment, from retail to area sales manager.  I’ve worked for major high street retailers, in department stores, a garden centre and for a major charity along the way. With some time spent with Royal Mail, working in a Lighthouse, and owning a gift shop I’ve done lots in my life. However, I never expected to write a book, until our lovey little granddaughter who has an engaging and charming personality gave me the inspiration for all of this.

As I find children’s laughter infectious, I’ve tried to incorporate a good dose of humour into the storyline. It’s been designed so that adults can have a giggle too when sharing quality reading time together.

I can promise you a few more Captain Satsuma adventures in the future, with a whole host of new characters appearing along the way. There’s plenty of twists and turns to come yet.

My likes.
All animals.
Nature and the environment.
Sports including football, cricket, rugby and motocross.

Selfishness leading to greed.
Cruelty of any kind, but especially to children and animals.
Destruction of the countryside.